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Our Story

Jataa exists to introduce men to the reliable and holistic ecosystem of Ayurveda. Our haircare experts were intrigued by correlating men’s hair issues with traditionally-rooted principles of Ayurveda. Years of research and a focused study helped them gain expertise and register naturally effective regimens that provide professional-grade results in solving men’s hair woes. With inspiration from Ayurveda’s wellness gurus, we are dedicated to guide men at all phases while they embrace this new and effective mantra for hair health. Whether you’re dealing with multiple hair problems or are just looking to maintain a suitable hair care regime, we are here to serve you the right way.

Jataa Hair Growth Oil

Jataa Hair Growth Oil is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine designed for men. It is made with authentic Ayurvedic herbs to control hair fall and accelerate hair regrowth in men. Jataa contains Jatamansi, known in ancient Ayurvedic literature as Kesh Dravya. Jatamansi is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, improving the flow of nutrients to the scalp, hence strengthening hair from its roots. Jataa has been formulated to regulate the hair growth cycle and promote hair re-growth.
Key benefits
  1. Reduces hair fall in 30 days
  2. 25% faster hair growth in 4 week
  3. Strengthens hair follicles by upto 50%
  4. Gives thicker & denser hair
  5. Reduces hair breakage by >50% in 4 weeks

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We are keen to guide you throughout your journey of achieving the best hair care. We are committed to deliver efficient care and solutions and offer ayurvedic consultations for all your hair concerns. So why wait? Take the first step to get rid of your hair woes and stay connected with Jataa Ayurveda for reliable guidance.

Meet The Experts


Dr. Vaidya is a specialist in Ayurveda’s proven Panchkarma therapies, successfully treating patients for over 22 years.


Dr. Rani S. Iyer is a practicing Ayurveda Physician with over 28 years of experience, consulting in lifestyle disorders.


Dr Rashmi Kaluka K, is a practicing Ayurvedic expert at Muniyal Institute and a proponent of yoga & meditation for holistic healing.


Dr. Dinesh Hingu is a leading voice in treating chronic disorders with Ayurvedic remedies for over 26 years of experience.

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